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Your insurance company may run an Approved Repairer scheme.  If this is the case, your insurance company will try and get you to have your car repaired in one of their Approved Repair Centres (ARCs).  Taking your vehicle to an insurance ARC does not necessarily guarantee quality or safety as not all ARCs will have the BSI Kitemark.

Although your insurance company will recommend you use one of their ARCs it is your legal right to chose which bodyshop you use for your repairs.  They may say that they cannot guarantee the work of a non-approved bodyshop or that you are not entitled to a courtesy car outside of the approved network.  We guarantee all our work for 3 years and we will endeavour to arrange alternate transport.

If you need advice or you are unsure then come to us for an estimate and if you bring your insurance details we can deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

Once we have completed the estimate we will send it directly to your insurer for them to authorise.  As soon as the estimate has been authorised we will contact you to get the vehicle booked in and make all the necessary arrangements. 

If someone else was to blame for accident damage to your vehicle and you have their details, our customer services department can chase the third party (or their insurers) to ascertain liability.  This will save you the hassle of making numerous phone calls and if liability is admitted you will not have to pay any policy excess.

If there is damage on your vehicle that is not related to the insurance claim but you would like to have it repaired at the same time, we will be more than happy to help.  There could be considerable savings made by having any private work carried out at the same time as the insurance repair.

If you wish for us to carry out any additional work then please point out the damage to the estimator whilst he is estimating the accident damage.